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Monique Du Toit

Renowned make-up artist Monique has made her name in the wedding and beauty industry as one of Cape Town’s top bridal and event make-up artists.

Her passion and determination have landed her local and international opportunities in the wedding industry. “Being honored with the opportunity to travel to Italy, Florence for a wedding has been a life-changing event.” – Monique Du Toit

Traveling with her clients for weddings and events nationally and internationally has always been a deep passion of hers. Providing her clients and brides with the utmost respect and the highest standard of luxury, her dedication and positivity is the reason why so many women cannot wait to get their appointment with Monique. ‘I pride myself on my great work ethic and perfectionism. ‘- Monique

She has recently appeared alongside her long-time client and friend, Clare Wiese-Wentzel on the world-class make-over show on Kyknet called ‘Mooimaak’. This platform has cemented her reputation as one of South Africa’s leading make-up artists. Her passion and love for hair, and make-up, and educating women with these powerful skills are the foundation for her business.

Her training started at MAC Cosmetics where she had the privilege to work with numerous senior artists from MAC. She has been honored to work on various platforms for them, such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Africa Fashion Week. In her earlier career, she loved being a senior trainer at Kohl Make-up Academy, one of Cape Town’s most renowned hair and make-up schools.

After working in the wedding industry for many years, Monique and her partner Danielle Jacobs noticed there was an opportunity to start a service that assists women in finding the right hair and make-up artist for their special day, this is how D & M Agency was born.

Brands I use in my kit

As an environmentally aware and active make-up artist, I use a wide variety of brands in my kit. Luxury products are of utmost importance to me.

“I pride myself on my great work ethic and perfectionism.”

Monique Du ToitMake-up and Hairstylis

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

- Coco Chanel

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